In the wake of the recent coronavirus pandemic, we all now know the importance of a dedicated home office. Whether you’re a full-time business owner or a college student, by now we have all realized that a temporary setup in the dining room or kitchen isn’t quite practical. 

Whether you have a tiny space or a much bigger space to work with, a dedicated home office can make all the difference in terms of comfort and productivity. 

Here is our handy guide on some of the absolute essentials you need in your home office today.

  1. A Comfortable Chair

If sitting all day at the office is part of your work routine, then investing in a good quality comfortable chair is of prime importance in your new home office. Whether you stare at the screen all day or are a student, find a chair that encourages a well seated posture. Some features to look for is an adjustable seat, arm and legs as well as a roller feature under the seat. Also get a rolling chair that is flexible and can swivel around to avoid unnecessary straining. For added comfort, you could add a relaxing 2 seater sofa or a club chair. It’s also great for those group meeting sessions inside the office.

  1. Work Surface According To Your Needs

Determining which desk or surface area to invest in is going to depend on your budget and the size of the office. If you’re short on space, even an adjustable portable makeshift desk can work, but if you have the space to spare, we recommend utilizing the corner of the room in a built in desk and shelf setup. There are several designs all over the market. They provide the ease of two workstations, one for the desktop and the other for desk work. You can use the remaining compartments as shelves or drawers for storage.

  1. Brighten Up The Area

Though we recommend positioning your home office to face the sun for natural lighting, you could invest in a very interesting design of lamps or other lighting solutions that will instantly brighten up the area and help you focus on your tasks even more. An intricately designed lamp can add character to your home office and double up as a décor feature too.

  1. Flooring in style

As far as flooring options go, we highly recommend investing in luxury vinyl flooring. Designed as a cheaper substitute to actual hardwood flooring, this vinyl flooring is easy to install, less heavy on the pocket and is much more durable and water resistant. You can also get it customized in different patterns and colors so you never have a dull moment in the office.