We buy business supplies from a number of suppliers. Some of them arrive at our front font door to sort out electrical problems or the plumbing. But do we use the company that they represent again and again? It depends on two things – do they get the job done perfectly – and do they do it in a way that makes our business colleagues know that you have a solid supplier? In other words – do they look professional while going about their business?

Business workwear clothing is one of those things that we take for granted – finding a reliable & reputable workwear supplier can be problematic, especially if you want quality custom embroidery and timely delivery for your workforce. But every business owner should be thinking about the appearance of their employees – and the ways that they interact with customers.

The days of a great tie or a wonderful skirt with the company logo are over – they still have their place, but they are not what will sell the product or deal. What is needed today is something a little different. That difference is technology.

A representative today is no longer that slick-talking knock on the door person who is selling vacuum cleaners – in today’s retail world the need to have all the high tech gadgets that will allow them to make that sale. That means access to databases – and information.

So what should your brand represent? It’s a complicated question. Firstly the impression that your employees make as far as their impact is concerned is very important. They should simply look professional. The tie and skirt are not dead – neither is the handshake. The physical impression is still very important – but your sales representative needs to back that first impression with something a bit deeper – and that is knowledge.

Your employee is a brand ambassador, they represent your organisation. They are the public face of the company. To ignore their appearance or to not have corporate uniform guidelines for how they should look is a recipe for disaster.

Even the most advanced companies in the word- with the best human resources people will provide guidelines as to how people should represent the company. Is it enough to wear the correct shoes or that skull saving hard hat? Each of those is incredibly important – but when interacting with clients is ‘safety first’ the right way to go?

The answer should always be yes. It is an employers responsibility to ensure the safety of those why work of their site, but there are other times that the company brand needs to be in the public eye.

Engineers are not absolved from the responsibility of putting out that corporate ID. However, they need to ensure that they have that perfect balance between form and function. A tie is nice – but getting it stuck in a rotary machine is unpleasant, to say the least. Make sure that the workwear apparel matches the requirement. Clothes and branded apparel are all good, get it wrong and the consequences can be severe. No one is going to open the door to someone selling a better mousetrap if they do not look the part.