SQL server is a relational database management system. Such databases power lots of applications around us. According to Red9, they can be used to run websites, blogs and online shops, to give you only a few examples. This article will explain the basics of SQL server and the possible ways it can help you build a successful career.

These relational database management systems use special code sequences known as SQL statements to alter the information in a database. You can use them to create new tables, to append existing ones, to update the information in already existing tables and to create new associations between several tables or databases.

You may have noticed that some websites feature a subscription box that enables their readers to subscribe to a newsletter. Whenever you fill in such a form and you press the “Submit” button, the information is coded and sent directly into its corresponding table in a database. When the website owner sends out the newsletter, the list of subscribers is automatically extracted from the database. All these operations and functions would be very difficult if not impossible to manage in the absence of a database where to store the information.

Perhaps the most popular outcome of SQL server is the fetching of results based on a query typed in by the user of a website. Google, or any other search engine for that matter, use such statements to extract the information from a database whenever you search for something. This is only an example of how these systems work, as we can’t know for sure what kind of apps search engines use to extract information from their database in order to present it to you in a handy format.

A real estate website would need the same type of system to filter their database of available properties to show you only the ones that match your selected criteria. Whenever you want to see only two-bedroom apartments, the right SQL statement extracts only those listings from the database and showcases them for you. If you only want to see listings in a specific state or neighbourhood, the same system makes use of another statement to extract only those entries that match your request. An e-commerce website would also need an SQL server to enable you to display only products belonging to a specific category or only the products that have certain features.

While these systems are extremely useful, they may put a huge strain on the server. This is why a good web developer would always seek to minimize the number of database queries. Another reason for keeping these queries to a minimum is that they can slow down the loading of web pages.

If you want to learn SQL server, you should enrol in an online course. Such programs would offer you a solid foundation to build on. With a bit of luck and a lot of practice, you may be able to build yourself a successful career in IT by learning all the nuts and bolts of SQL server.